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Affordable SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

Search engine marketing, also known as Search Marketing is a combined form of SEO and SEM (Paid Search). A person while searching anything in web, he is in the Hunting Mode. Anytime, the mode can be converted into a commercial task.

As online marketer, We understands the hunting mode of people and guide them to convert to your potential customer. SEOSCHOOLBD is one of the best SEO Company in Bangladesh with remarkable track record.

Why SEO is Important?

SEO is the technique to improve website visibility in the search engine. You have a great website with good contents, what will happen if people don’t find your website in first page. You will not get any customer from the web. You will get no business and the ultimately, yours invest is waste. From many research, it is clear to all, people don’t look even at the second page of SERPs.

Search engine marketing and optimization is able to bring your business page in good rank in SERP and therefore attract your potential buyers.

Now if your business website comes in first place or even in first page, you will get a good number of customers in your shop. Therefore, you can understand for competitive market and building a brand value for your business.

Services that SEOSCHOOLBD Offer to You

SEOSCHOOLBD has a thirst of adding value to your business. As the best Search Marketing Company in Bangladesh, we offer a wide range of services. Our search engine marketing and optimization services include –

SEO Business Audit/Analysis


In a definite term, SEO audit/analysis is the checking of healthiness of your website. This takes a deep look on the on-page and off-page factors those affect your website visibility, user friendliness and conversion.

Why SEO Audit Essential

If you want to make a good income from your website, SEO audit is essential for you. Proper SEO audit will give you the exact idea about your website, each page and total traffic. SEO analysis and working accordingly to fix the problem, are the great way to achieve good ranking in the SERPs.

Keyword Research

Keyword is one or more words that directly describe the content. People search for anything in the search engine using keywords. If your content contains the right match, you will get the higher possibility to become visible in the search result.

Why Keyword Research Essential

About 90% people use search engine to find information. They put keyword in the search bar and complex search algorithm yields in a result of webp ages that contains the keywords. You have to choose the perfect keyword for your website that brings your potential buyers to your webpage. But the wrong keywords may attract traffic but will not improve your business. That why, appropriate Keyword research is very important.

On-Page Optimization

All the measures taken inside the website to improve the visibility of webpage is called On Page Optimization. Content optimization is the major part of On Page SEO. Meta tag, URL, Website Image, Video, Title etc. optimization is also on page factor.

Why On-Page Optimization Essential

On Page SEO, deal with the basic elements of your website. If your keyword is less competitive, proper On-Page Optimization is sufficient to get a good SERPs. You organic visitors will become confused and you will lose revenue without proper on page optimization. Even, if you make a good website and do not perform on page optimization, it becomes difficult to get quality back links.

Off-Page Optimization

All the measures taken outside the website to improve the SERPs rank is known as Off Page Optimization. People often consider the link building as off page SEO, which is a major factor but not everything.

Why Off-Page Optimization Essential

Off page SEO, deals with elements that are away from the website boundary. Off page SEO are the vital factor that can provide a huge increase in your Website SERPs and bring the most organic traffic. Most search engine emphasize on Website Off-Page factors to provide good ranking. Whatever the competition of Keyword, best quality backlink and appropriate promotion can improve the SERPs of your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing a mind blowing technique of promoting your website, generating organic traffic for your site and creating brand image. It is a long-term strategy which involves trustworthy relation building with the targeted customer. This relation is built by providing them the best quality contents continuously that are helpful and relevant to them.

Why Content Marketing Important

Regardless the type of marketing and optimization you use, content marketing must be a part of it. For getting more profit by more sales, saving cost and increase the number of loyal customer, content marketing is the best way. Best quality contents have the ability to convert the visitors to your customer.

Google Search Console & Analytics

This was previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. It allows you to check your site indexing status and visibility optimization. Google Search Console can be used to manage the entire aspects of a website which is ranges from site mapping status checking to optimize the site for the mobile users.

Google Analytics also very important to know about your site present preferences like Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Geo & Demographic data and many other option to improve your site ranking and visibility. ​


Why you need Google Search Console & Analytics

Google search console & Analytics are the best tools for checking the visibility and indexing status of a website. Every time your website will not rank for the same Keyword or for same links. This tools analysis report will help you to decide, what you need to do for improving the visibility of your website.