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When you know that your product or service is really good but find your competitors getting the lion’s share of your clients, even when you have a high quality website, best guess is, fewer of your clients are finding you online. With google boasting of more than three billion searches every day, what better way to reach out to your clients than letting them find you first in their google search results?

It is a well-known fact that about 91% of traffic comes into sites that are ranked on Google’s first page, while only 4% of users click through to the second page and third page onwards, let’s not even talk about it. What does this tell us? That if you aren’t ranking on the first two pages on Google, the likelihood of you gaining any organic traffic to your website is less than 1%.

There are various strategies that can be used to bring up this ranking. These strategies are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But why should you need to bother with these technicalities? Why not let us take care of your Google ranking, so that you can peacefully concentrate on your business.

Why Avail Our Services?

In today’s dynamic world, websites need to keep up with trends. A good combination of information, functionality and ease of use could be just what you need to transform visitors to your site into valuable and faithful customers. We at SeoSchoolBd give your website a brand-new avatar that will be modern and fresh, both in terms of looks and performance.

What We Offer

We ensure that you get your ideal online space that truly reflects your business, underlines its value and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Our services include design and development of websites, eCommerce and mobile sites. We at SeoSchoolBd offer a complete website package, complete with site maintenance and support.

Our Services

Our fully customizable SEO service covers everything including keyword analysis, on-page optimization, link building and monthly reporting. We create strategies that are tailored to your business needs, targets and budget.

Site Analysis

At the start of every partnership, we produce a detailed report on your site’s current status, targeted keywords & competitor analysis. This then forms the foundation of your custom SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

We use a range of tools, techniques and strategies to find the right target keywords for your business.

Link Building

We use a range of advanced link building methods that will improve your online presence, bring traffic to your site, and in turn rank you higher in search results.

Monthly Reporting

We create detailed monthly reports on progress and how it is affecting your business.  This helps ensure that we are going on the right track and helps you monitor how your business is forging ahead in ranks.

To book a consultation on the most effective SEO strategy for your business, get in touch with us today.

We provide customized SEO services using only the latest and standard SEO techniques. We follow a strict code of ethics and make sure your business comes in search engine ranks within the shortest time.

Yes, web analytics are a crucial part of our SEO services. We will ensure that your product or service reaches people and areas that are most important to the business. We will provide concise analytics reports and recommendations every month, or as requested.

While your website’s rank with search engines is an important indicator, other analytics like increasing traffic, rising visitor loyalty, growing views and increased ROI are also important in improving your website’s reputation with search engines.

Client Satisfaction

We at SeoSchoolBd are committed to delivering you with tangible results that you can actually measure. We have ranked clients in some of the most competitive niches.

  • “Ever since I let SeoSchoolBd take on my website’s Keyword ranking, I see traffic to my website rising every month. I am thankful to the team for taking the time to understand the nitti gritties of my business and coming up with an exceptional plan for my website’s SEO needs. A job well done!”

    James Rodriguez
  • “SeoSchoolBd has helped my IT business grow tenfold in months! Had no idea keywords had so much power! Thanks a lot for your dedication and efforts.”

    Matt Lawrence