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Why Should You Join Our Online SEO Training

Value Your Time

Learning SEO is important to get organic traffic for a website or earn from working as SEO personnel. But we all know in the 21st century time is money. Spending hours in traffic under the sun is very hectic and you cannot concentrate in class to learn the topic even in the AC room.

Most renowned SEO trainer of Bangladesh, Md Faruk Khan starts this online course to impart the best-proven SEO skill to you from home. Only an hour for the next couple of days is sufficient to learn the A-Z from an expert. Participating in this online course will fulfill your dream of becoming an SEO expert while saving your time, money, and health.

Learn From The Best SEO Trainer In Bangladesh

Hands-on experience and teaching are different but if a skilled person can train well is really effective and brings outstanding results. Md Faruk Khan, the former lead trainer of SEO in BITM is such a person who contains the blend of working skill and training. Learning directly from him is undoubtedly sufficient to impact the participant and gain success.

Learning from an expert professional like him keeps you more focused, and learns quickly. Various practical experience sharing makes the course more enjoyable and asset for the future. You also get the chance to think like an SEO professional and adapt their problem-solving skill during the course.

Learn Exclusively

All are not quick learner from the crowd. They need some extra care and attention to groom. Unlike the regular online SEO training from the so-called marketers, you will get hassle free best online SEO training here. Md Faruk Khan will allow exclusive time during the course and impart the best practical and technical expertise which is sufficient to bring success in your own passion.

During this course, you will get the chance to talk one to one which is really difficult to manage during a regular SEO training session. You can also discuss your plan of doing with the most cordial motivational speaker in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

Updated Course Outline

Learn something in yesterday is not always effective today. Like Google, all the search engines update their regulation and way of providing the most useful information to the users. Therefore, you have to aware of the updated elements from the search engines.

Therefore, we have always designed the course considering the updates of the renowned search engine and our course outline always display the updates. This course outline has an update soon after Google or other major search engines change their way to consideration.

The old students should not be disheartened because we always notify them about the updated and make them aware to adopt the new strategies.

Lifetime Support

Is not it great to have the expert opinion when you are in trouble? Imagine how wonderful it is if you get Md Faruk Khan beside you to help in any problem regarding SEO. This online course gives you the golden opportunity to ask support to the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh. Completion of this course provides assurance of his presence whenever you are in need.

No matter the issue comes to you, he will guide you in the right direction which will definitely bring the best result for the issue. Getting such a wonderful motivator inspires self-confidence to climb further.

Live Project Experience

Learning with a hands-on doing experience is a thousand folds more effective than usual. For making the course effective it gives the terrific opportunity to work on a live project and learn practically.

Again another ten folds effectiveness added when you get a mentor in the live project who is incomparable in the SEO field. Working with a practical project with Md Faruk Khan is definitely add more than ten folds in your effective learning. You will also learn the skill about how to solve real-life SEO problem by the best SEO professionals and able to make your signature way of living in SEO.

Meet Our Experts

Md Faruk Khan

Md Faruk Khan has already established himself as a brand in the field of SEO in Bangladesh. Thousands of his student from all over the world acknowledge this truth. Bringing success through SEO is synonymous to his training.

Mushfiqul Hassan BD

Mushfiqul Hassan

Mushfiq is a Master when it comes to English Communication. His decades of experience in English sector as a trainer has turned him into a highly experienced & convincing content writer. Spending years in the Local SEO industry makes him a highly experienced SEO Trainer.

Shaib Montachir

Shaib Montachir

Shaib Montachir is a true SEO professional who can rank for any keyword regardless of the competition. His practical working experience creates an outstanding environment in his training session .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most effective process of driving the web traffic to a website organically and improve the visibility of the website in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). For sustain improvement in ranking, there is no alternative to SEO for a website.

The paid advertisement gives the results only when you pay and the payment increases with time. Once you stop paying, the positive results disappear. SEO makes the sustained visibility and provides positive results for long time.

Yes, truly there is an outstanding prospect waiting for you after completing the training. There are a lot of jobs available in the marketplace for the SEO professional. You are also able to compete for the regular SEO related jobs in the online job portals.

Accepting freelancing as a career is a bit challenging. But once you get the exposure the income is huge compared with the regular 9 to 5 jobs.

SEO is very much useful for an entrepreneur. Scope of SEO is even larger than someone doing SEO for others.

If you own a small business or online store, SEO is the perfect way to bring business towards you through the major search and allows you to create the opportunity by yourselves to expand your business. If you’re thinking for an Amazon affiliate or have an affiliate website, you can boost your sale by using the SEO technique.

Learning coding or being a coder is not mandatory for being an SEO expert. You can easily do great as an SEO professional even without knowing the basics of coding. However, knowing the basics of coding can be a little plus.

This answer depends on where you can invest your expertise. If you use it as an entrepreneur, you must get a bumper boost in your business. Again, if you want a freelance career, you will not face difficulty in starting the freelance career and the amount will depend on how intelligently, you use the imparted SEO skill.

The best online SEO course in Bangladesh is conducted online and you can complete the course by using the online Zoom platform. You should have a standard webcam in your PC or laptop and uninterrupted internet connection.

Of course, you will get some guidance document and web links during and after completion of the local SEO training in Bangladesh. Moreover, you will get lifetime support from the best SEO trainer of Bangladesh Md Faruk Khan and the other trainers.

Another good news is, you will get the video copy of the live classes.

This is the most attractive part of this SEO course. Definitely, you will get technical support if you are in some problem after completion of the course. Md Faruk Khan and other trainers will help you till they are in the relevant field. Join our Facebook Group now.

Assume, you know that the trainers give the training after gathering lots of experience. As the team and the lead trainer have hands on experience in doing SEO for thousands of national and international websites, we can do it for you with only for the standard charge.

Local SEO is vital for improving the local business visibility in GPS based search. It is particularly important for the local or small business owner to get more business from the web.

In the early days, the local business owner suffers a lot for getting a good position in SERPs after competing with the giant bards and often the results do not make the good conversion. But recent days Google emphasized on GPS oriented or local search which gives the small business a high chance to improve their business status and expand more.

For increasing your business website global visibility SEO is used while getting your local business in Google 3 Pack local SEO is used.

Once your website becomes more visible for targeted keywords, you will get a higher opportunity for converting the organic traffic to your customers. As a result, your business will improve.

Sound silly but in reality, you can apply SEO without having a website. Two very common examples are the Social Media Page and local business page. You can apply SEO to bring the social media page and local business page in the higher position of SERPs. Higher rank in SERPs is advantageous in brining business.

Sounds logical but you should invest a little maintenance charge in SEO as it’s not a static process. You can get a sustained rank for sure but not a permanent position. Within a few months, the major search engines updated their algorithm and within a few days, there are fine tunes in the logic. Therefore, you may have the position for a few months but not permanent.

Affiliate is a real art of marketing where you can be a seller without having a product for your own and cannot be responsible for the product manufacturer defect. But you will get a sale share for each unit product sold through you to a customer.

In Amazon affiliate marketing, the giant e-commerce Amazon sold the product to customer and you have to pull the customer to Amazon. Once a customer buys something from Amazon after you send him to there, Amazon will give a percentage of the total sale to you.

All the newbies have the same question. The income depends on the niche you have selected, the traffic you send to the affiliation and the rate of conversion.

Again, affiliate marketing is a way of passive income. Therefore, you have to wait long for getting good feedback from the affiliate site. However, the first income can be started with a month of launching the affiliate website.

Your Course Registration is Complete
Your Course Registration is Complete