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We are a digital company that is found in NY focused on online training courses like SEO, Freelancing Workshop, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, Basic Web design, Advanced Web Design. For those that want to get to know how they need to choose the best SEO service, it will just be done right for you; you know the costs and the benefits that you will get from using it.

Web designing is also a key project that we have in our training sessions. It is an area that is fast booming in the world. For professionals that have knowledge on how this is done, get it right with our trainers in this filed.

You will also get the best services in the following areas; SEO service and also Domain Registration and Web Hosting. The services that you get here are prompt and informative at all times. We give directions on how to get the best help from the providers, and if need arise, we even connect you to the best companies that will over you the same. Apart from all that, our site is also able to serve you sooner and also better all the time.

We are welcoming all those that want to join us and the good part is that you will get better discounts on our offers and also updates. You can contact us through our contacts that we have given you. We always ensure that all our clients that visit us on these services get the best training ever in the market. Never get worried at all because we are 100% secure and also safe.

The special offers that you will receive with us include getting a free.com domain for your first year. All those that want to get the best deal from the best digital marketing company in Bangladesh should start right away with us.

What is SEO?

First of all, we have to take you back to the meaning of the word SEO. In full, it means Search Engine Optimization. So in short, the word SEO simple means the practice that uses the quality and quantity of and redirects it to your website through the use of organic search engine results. In other terms, this process will always affect the visibility of a website in a web search engine’s results that are not paid for. These results are what are termed as organic, natural or earned results. What is good about these results is that the more frequently visited page or site is what will always appear as the first in the search result list. The visitors that are received in this list will then be converted into customers.

SEO is very important when it comes to internet marketing because it determines how search engines work. Now let’s look at the breakdown and see how SEO works:

The quality of traffic that goes in is very important

One thing that you need to know is that visitors can be attracted to your site because they can be redirected there by Google, but if you don’t provide what the customer is looking for, then that is rated a poor traffic. But on the other hand is you are able to attract visitors to enjoy the genuine products that you offer, then that will be rated as quality traffic.

Getting quantity of traffic

Once you get enough people to visit your search engine result pages (SERPs), then you are destined to getting more traffic.

Organic results

Ads are very important and they always make an important part of SERPs. The good part of this traffic is that it is not paid for.

How does a SEO work?

From the explanations that you have got above, it is evident that you now have a clue on how this search engines operate. But let me bring you closer home on its operations. When you visit a search engine and type a question on it, you are destined to see magic answers popping up and a long list to webpages that bring up almost the answers that you are looking for. That’s right but the big issue here is that have you ever wondered what brings up those magical links?
Now never worry because here is how all this magic is brought down. Every search engine out there has been designed with a crawler that will go out and collect all the information of all the content they can find on the internet. After that, they will bring all the information they have found back in form of 1s and 0s to the search engine so that it is able to build up an index. The index will then be fed through an algorithm that will try as much as possible to match that data with the query that you gave.
That makes part of the Search Engine, now what has remained is the Optimization (O) part. This is where the people that write all the important content put on their sites and gus at the sites so that the search engines will be able to understand all that they are seeing. At the same time, all those that will arrive at that site will like or love what they see. It is good to know that optimization takes many forms.

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Why do I need SEO for my local business?

SEO is rated as very crucial in any business as it will increase the chances of consumers that are looking out for your services or products find it through the use of the business’s website. If a customer goes online to look for content, SEO will give priority to useful content that you have so that you appear in their search results. Below are the reasons for the importance of a SEO to your local business

It will increase your visibility

Users will always want to get updated on products and services that they want to acquire. If they come into contact with your business in the process of searching, that means there is free traffic for you, an added advantage. That is what we call organic traffic. It is not easy for your website to always be rated as the 1st one on a page. It will take you some dedicated work for that to happen by fully optimizing the website of your business.

It ensures that your business is well positioned

Search engines are very important as it will help 80% of consumers to look for products and services they need. For all those that have not gone ahead to ensure that their business is present online, they are denying themselves an opportunity to be found by billions of users.
But I have to assure you that being online is not going to be enough. We have seen this with many businesses; they just create a website, sit back and wait for miracles to happen. That will have been a complete waste of time, money and energy. You always need to stay updated and update your website frequently as much as you can. SEO will then be very useful in ensuring that your search ranking results, brand awareness, and the future success are improved.

It will help you in capturing new clients

It is not always that clients will be the ones that you know; one major advantage of a success is to ensure that you create a room where ne clients will found you easily. That is why it has been found that those businesses that have a well working website always grow twice as faster. All you need here is a better online marketing strategies. SEO will increase your rankings and what that simply means is that you will have more customers.

It is also cost-effective

Any investment that you do your business needs an excellent return. The incorporations of search engine optimization to your business is always a better solution which is also an affordable tool. It has been known to deliver effective results if only done in the right way and consistency. It is also a customizable way that will always suit your budget and also the needs of a small business .

It will give you better rankings and build your brands

When you are well ranked in a search engine, then it just means that your brand or services will be trusted better than others. Customers will flow in to have a look at what you offer and you will be the one that will benefit a lot as opposed to those that are at the bottom of the list.

You also receive a high conversion rate traffic

SEO is rated as research intensive and that is why it is always a highly targeted process, right down to the final details. It is able to work out the logistics and determine the scope of consumer population in relation to market, and give back searched keywords that are relevant to a businesses. When this plan is a success, then the needs and concerns of the audience are addressed.

Clients and consumers tend to use smartphones more when compared to desktops

The amount of traffic that is delivered to mobile devices each year is much more than that that comes from desktops. That is why there is always a nubile world of local SEO techniques that are affective for the local SEO.

It also works well with social media platform

A website that has been highly ranked is also ranked well when it comes to results exposed from their social media platforms. That is why you will find that there is a by-directional relationship between social media platforms and SEO, this is because it increases its visibility.

SEO is not a cost but an investment.

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Cost vs Benefits

You should be aware that before you start a business, you need to be aware of how much you need to spend. Depending on your preferences, you will get different payment models that are out there in the market.

Monthly retainer is where clients are pay some fee each month in exchange of an agreed upon services. This is the most commonly used model as compared to other. The amount that you will also pay here depends on the size of the business and it starts of at $750-5,000 per month.

Typical services that are given at fixed prices is used when a client is not ready to settle on the monthly retainer. The services that a SEO agency offers will be advertised with their price on their site. Prices at this juncture will differ for instance, SEO copywriting will be charged at $0.15-$0.50/word, site content audit will go at $500-$7,500, link profile audit will be given $500-$7,500, and social media site setup charged at $500-$3,000.

Project-based pricing is another but is similar to contract services. The only difference that you get here is that custom projects are created specifically for the client. That is why pricing will also vary according to the project hat is undertaken. The cost will start of from $ 1,000 – $ 30,000.

There is also the hourly consulting forum. This is also a familiar model that needs an hourly payment for an exchange of information or services. There process also range from $100 – $300 every hour.

You need to always focus of quality services that will be offered to you by any model or any agency. That is why there will always be a lot of benefits of using SEO as compared to the many others out there. For instance:-

  1. You will get into contact with a lot of people searching for your services and also products on search engines
  2. SEO will be able to pull in quality traffic for you.
  3. SEO traffic is rated to likely convert as you compare them with other sources of traffic
  4. It will increase your sales and also give you leads
  5. It will decrease the cost that you will get per acquisition
  6. It does not involve any pay for advertising
  7. You will be provided with top SEO rankings 24/7 for promotion
  8. It has the ability to build trust and credibility
  9. SEO is a long term strategy for your business development
  10. It makes your customers to be more informed of your products and services
  11. Increases the purchasing decisions that customers will make
  12. It increases the awareness of your brand and equity
  13. When you have SEO, you will receive more clicks when you compare that with PPC
  14. SEO has the ability increase your website referrals so that you get more clients
  15. SEO is also rated to be more cost-effective than the use of paid advertising

The use of SEO to your business is always rated a plus to you and with time, you will realize that it has proven its value. It will not necessarily be one a day achievement because search engines always have many demands. But if you prove your worth over time, then you gain more benefits than others out there. You will get ups and downs, but be assured that SEO will always provide you with long-term success that will drive your traffic and also promote your brand no matter what happens.

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